Bobcat E42 excavators are compact machines that excel in a variety of construction, landscaping, excavation and other applications. The Bobcat E42 is an excavator that has a robust specification and can be used with many attachments. This makes it a favorite among contractors and operators looking to maximize productivity. Here we will look at the E42 excavator specifications.


Bobcat E42 Engine: This powerful diesel motor is the engine at its heart, providing reliable performance across a broad range of excavating tasks. Depending on the model and production year, the horsepower range is usually between 39.8 – 42.8. E42 offers a powerful and reliable engine that is ideal for high-demand applications.

Operating Weight Bobcat E42 engineered for efficiency and stability. Its operating weight can vary from about 9,246 pounds to 10,077 lbs (4,195 to 4,574 kilograms), depending upon the configuration. Included in this weight is the machine’s standard equipment and tracks as well a full tank of fuel. An operating weight that is well balanced will contribute to the stability of your machine during excavation and lifting.

Excavation Depth A key specification for excavators is their digging depth. This determines whether they can reach different depths. Bobcat E42’s digging depth can range from 10.5 feet to 12.5 foot (3.2 meters to 3.8 meters), based on its configuration. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for various excavation tasks such as trenching and foundation work.

Bucket Size: Bobcat E42 comes with buckets of different sizes for a wide range of excavation and handling applications. Bucket sizes vary from approximately 12 to 24 in (30.5-61 cm), or even more, depending upon the application. The type of excavation material and productivity are factors that influence the choice of bucket.

Maximal Reach: Bobcat E42’s impressive reach is in addition to its digging depth. The machine’s reach is typically between 18.1 and 193 feet, or 5.5 to 5.9 m. It allows users to move around the area without needing to continuously reposition it.

Breakout forces for the bucket and arm: Bobcat E42 was designed with a high breakout force to facilitate digging and handling of materials. The arm break-out force usually falls between 5,063 and 6 867 pounds (2 297 to 3115 kilograms). While the bucket breaks out force varies from about 8,726 – 9,141 pounds (3 956 – 4,150 kg), depending on specific configuration. With these powerful forces, the E42 can handle tough excavation work with ease.

Travel Speed When equipped with rubber wheels, the Bobcat E42 can travel at a speed up to 4.9 kilometers per hr (2.9 miles). Operators can move it efficiently between work sites.

Flow and pressure: A hydraulic excavator’s performance is critical. And the E42 delivers in this area. This excavator has an average hydraulic flow rate around 24.6 gallon per minute (933.3 liters per min) and a pressure of 3481.psi. With these specifications, the E42 has no problem operating hydraulic attachments. These include hydraulic augers, hydraulic breakers, and even grapples.

Comfort & Operator Features: Bobcat E42 was designed with operator productivity and comfort in mind. The Bobcat has an ergonomic, spacious cab that offers excellent visibility. There are also easy-to-reach controls as well as a suspension seat. For comfort, the cabin can have options such as air conditioning and heat to suit any weather condition. In addition, the E42 features a touch-screen display with advanced controls and monitoring.

Accessory and Versatility: Bobcat E42’s versatility is a strength. Attachments include augers (including hydraulic breakers), buckets, augers with grapples, etc. Its versatility allows it to be used in many different applications from excavation, trenching and materials handling to clearing of land. It is easier than ever to change attachments with the quick attachment switch system, allowing for greater productivity.

Tracks, Undercarriage, and Traction: Bobcat E42’s rubber tracks provide excellent traction on any terrain. The machine is more durable and reliable over time thanks to the design of its undercarriage.

Bobcat E42 compact – excavator is powerful, versatile machine with high precision and efficiency in material handling and excavation. This compact excavator has a powerful engine that can dig deep and far, as well as a long reach. Compatible with many attachments, this machine is ideal for various tasks. This machine’s large cab with its user-friendly functions and good visibility makes it an excellent choice for long-term operators that need both comfort and productivity. Bobcat E42 offers exceptional power and efficiency for any task, such as trenching, handling material, digging foundations.