Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science that has been incorporated into every aspect of our daily lives. One example is medicine.

With the help of medical astrology one can learn more about current medical conditions and also discover what medical issues one might face in the future.

It is believed that medical astrology can be used to aid those suffering from severe illness, what is moldavite?

A very simple example is that we can predict the times when an individual will be most at risk of an accident using medical astrology.

Yogas, when we consider Indian astrology in context, are only one of many factors that can influence an individual’s physical and mental health. While some yogas may be considered to be auspicious, there are others that are not. A person’s health can be affected by certain yogas, or when the transit of planets occurs. The other way around, one’s health will not be affected.

Each of the nine planets has a similar association with a person’s health.

One could experience headaches or heart trouble if the Sun isn’t strong in one’s kundali. In the same way, the Moon could cause one to be irritated often or stay calm. Mars is associated with surgery and accidents in the same way. Mercury, the key planet to an individual’s intelligence, is also important. It can also lead to problems with the voice, skin and neck.

Jupiter is associated to obesity and diabetes. Saturn, on the other hand, is believed to be associated both with long term conditions and dental problems.

Each house, just like the planets is associated with particular body parts and diseases.

The first house symbolizes longevity and overall good health. The second house, on the other hand, represents right eye, throat, and neck. The third house, which is also associated with longevity and overall health, represents one’s ears.

Remedies in Medicinal Astrology

Medicinal Astrology often focuses on pleasing a God or Goddess, or strengthening a planet’s effect. Another option is to decrease the negative energy that may be caused by a particular transit or yoga.

Alternately to medical astrology, Mantras and even gemstone therapy could be used. This is where a gemstone is used to enhance the aura by filling it with a specific color. However, the aura may be weaker. This could be used to treat any medical problem that the person may have.