Google’s revenues may have been higher in the past but Facebook has now overtaken it. Facebook’s advertising is different than that of other websites. Find out how to choose the best college marketing companies in this site.

Keep an eye out on the Facebook Advertising and what has made it so unique. They have quickly generated over 500,000,000 users in comparison to established advertising agencies. How has Facebook grown to become an industry that is gaining power?

Facebook is using the social graph and activities in order to attract a certain audience. Google users can set and direct their requirements through search terms.

Facebook’s advertising is different than the other forms of marketing because it lets advertisers know who they are targeting. Facebook has started using the interests and preferences of users. Google now uses keywords instead.

Facebook will cost a business 1:20 less than Google. Just imagine the savings.

Google along with advertisers are reliant on keywords and industry-specific behavior in order to gather a following. Facebook has a large number of registered users who freely and truthfully provide intangible data about them. This information is then used by Facebook in order to assist advertisers attract their intended audience.

Facebook allows you to find out about your audience’s interests. Since advertisers will be able match their products with these information, the cost of advertising is reduced. Google ads are search-based, which means that advertisers will need to enter key words in major search engines before they can see the advertisement.

Google Display Advertising versus Facebook Search Advertising. Google allows users to search by keyword, while Facebook uses keywords that are matched to their likes and preferences and shows these advertisements to them.

Facebook ads are not as targeted, however they will be tailored to your needs. Facebook advertising uses demographic information to reach a targeted audience.

As Bing uses pay-per-click advertising, it only shows the advertisement once. It is not visible until the user can use the search engines. Facebook’s users will eventually become blind to advertisements, as they are exposed to them frequently.

Facebook ads may be ineffective for certain groups, but they are extremely successful for most people. They can always count on getting the exact people to click their advertisement. Advertising on Facebook is not only a great way to reach new users, but it also has good stats.