Managed Web Hosting is an option offered by a number of web hosts. This service takes on the responsibility for managing your website and keeping it up to date. Pros and Cons of Managed Web Hosting Articles, leaving you with more time to accomplish other things. This allows you to reap the rewards of having your website while doing none of the hard work. Just like any other form of web hosting managed comes with its pros and disadvantages.

Your web host can take over the control of your site once you’ve chosen which features you would like. You can leave everything to the webhost. They will even install upgrades and software on your page. The web host will take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about your site. The site allows you the freedom to focus on your own business.

Your website will be continuously monitored, which is another major advantage. Websites can suffer from downtime. In addition, if your website is managed, you need to constantly check that the site is up and running. Managed web hosting will allow your web host to monitor and maintain the website for you. Your web host is not only able detect your site’s shutdown, but can correct the issue immediately. This may happen before you realize there is a fault!

Managing web hosting does have its disadvantages. This is the main disadvantage. It is true that managed web hosts cost more because they require more attention and care from their web host. It’s worth every penny if you compare it with the cost of your own IT team or the time that you would need to devote to monitoring it.

This is another disadvantage. Managed web hosting is a choice that gives someone else the ability to maintain your site. Although this is managed webhosting’s essence and the reason so many opt for it, the fact that you have to hand over control can make it a big disadvantage. If that is true, then choosing unmanaged website hosting can be the better choice.